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Art Statement

I’m interested in how queer male bodies inhabit domestic spaces. Through rendering these nude bodies, I interrogate the concept of masculinity. In my work, figures are bathed in sexual innuendo, tension, and gay desire. They expose themselves or commit acts of kink while staring directly at the viewer, including them in a secret act. The figures in my paintings are sexy, frail, effeminate, and sickly.  

As an immigrant from China and a gay man, I hope my works can reveal the life and emotional landscape of my community. As an immigrant, one leaves our homes and countries, and experiences intense culture shock upon arrival to our new home. Aside from the logistical difficulties of visa limitation and the right to legally inhabit a place, there is a constant feeling of deep loneliness, when desire and spirit are not comforted. Despite this pressure, it is not a good choice to go back home. In China, being queer still is not protected by Law. Discrimination and differential treatment happen as a matter of course. The queer diaspora of China is faced with the dilemma of not belonging anywhere. Because of this, I only use my Chinese friends and myself as references.

The still lifes in my paintings also play a very important role. The white socks, shorts, underwear and sneakers are private kink signifiers for the Chinese gay community. I also paint cute toys, flowers, crowns, fashion clothing, perfume, and gay photography catalogs. Through arranging them with models in my paintings I reveal these gay men’s personalities and style of living. Through my works viewers can see these people who live in the edge of American society.  

Statement: 文字
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